Edinburgh School of English Young Octorial Course

For learners aged 13-17

A head start for motivated students
Our programme channels the energy and creativity of young people into the real life achievements of academic results and personal growth. Students graduate from their summer programmes inspired for further study with new language skills, international friendships, wider horizons and lasting memories.

The programme
Our course for young learners focuses on developing real-world skills necessary for life in an increasingly globalised world. Our innovative approach to language learning is embodied in educational events and activities, where students have the chance to create and produce their own project work. Taking students out of the classroom gives students the opportunity to learn to think creatively and independently and to engage in a higher level of thinking in English.

Excursions and activities
Our academic and activity programmes are designed to offer an unforgettable and enriching experience for teenagers. Students take part in a wide range of sports and cultural activities where they put the English they have learnt in the classroom into practice. Students learn about Scottish culture and history in class, and visit castles, battlefields and other historic sites. This helps them with their project work in class, and ensures learners get the most possible out of their activities and develop real-life language skills. There is a full-day excursion every Saturday to places such as Glasgow and the Kelvingrove Museum, Loch Lomond and Stirling and the Wallace Monument.

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