Our Academic Approach

Our aim at Basil Paterson is to provide a stimulating learning environment which helps all learners to reach their full potential.  Whether your objective is to improve your English skills for work, university or international travel, you’ll find that our academic approach provides the focus and support that you need.

With a class maximum of 12 students aged over 16 from all over the world, you have the opportunity to interact in a truly international environment.  Individually-tailored support from experienced teachers helps our learners to achieve their aims.

The day starts with a morning discussion session, bringing students from all classes together.  Interesting topics are selected from local and international news as a springboard for discussion.

The rest of the day consists of carefully designed lessons which cater for your diverse needs.

Spoken Performance Workshop

Focus on pronunciation and confidence in spoken English. You will develop your fluency, accuracy and ability to communicate in real-life situations.

Language Focus and Language Practice

Language Focus helps you develop a solid foundation with grammar and vocabulary. Language Practice gives you the opportunity to use this language in authentic writing and speaking tasks.

Skills Focus

Intensive focus on reading and writing skills for work, study and travel.

Project Workshop

Team projects designed to mirror real-life collaboration in English. Practising the language you’ve studied during the day, you will work together to research, plan, design, practise and present your project.


You can download our 2018 brochure for English language courses here.

Course fees include:

  • Study materials during the course
  • Certificate & individual report
  • Self-study resources
  • IT facilities and WiFi
  • Tutor support at lunchtime
  • At least two free social programme activities per week


Going to Basil Paterson is more than just attending a school. In addition to the excellent academic services, the school provides a wide range of social activities.  You can choose any according to what you like.  I made so many wonderful friends and learned so much about life and other cultures.”  Hasan, Iraq

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