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Cambridge Assessment English Exams

  • Basil Paterson is the largest open exam centre in Scotland, with over 4000 candidates taking examinations every year.
  • Cambridge Assessment English exams are internationally recognised by thousands of companies, organisations and universities.
  • Cambridge Assessment English Exams offer an important qualification for life – perfect for your CV.
  • Basil Paterson can help you prepare for your exam, offering intensive FCE, CAE and CPE courses throughout the year


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Please send your completed application and payment form to

Our historic central Edinburgh premises are accessed by stairs from street level. If you require any form of special assistance to access our building in Edinburgh (e.g. a wheelchair ramp), please contact us at least one week before your exam for this to be arranged.

2019 Cambridge Assessment English exam dates at Basil Paterson

Exam Dates
09 Mar 2019 (final entry 07 Feb)
11 May 2019 (final entry 09 Apr)
13 Jun 2019 (final entry 15 May)
05 Dec 2019 (final entry 06 Nov)
16 Mar 2019 (final entry 14 Feb)
11 May 2019 (final entry 09 Apr)
12 Jun 2019 (final entry 14 May)
24 Jul 2019 (final entry 26 Jun)
23 Aug 2019 (final entry 25 Jul)
19 Oct 2019 (final entry 19 Sep)
04 Dec 2019 (final entry 05 Nov)
15 Mar 2019 (final entry 14 Feb)
18 May 2019 (final entry 15 Apr)
11 Jun 2019 (final entry 13 May)
25 Jul 2019 (final entry 27 Jun)
22 Aug 2019 (final entry 25 Jul)
12 Oct 2019 (final entry 12 Sep)
03 Dec 2019 (final entry 04 Nov)
PET for schools
05 Jun 2019 (final entry 07 May)
08 Jun 2019 (final entry 08 May)


24 May 2019 (final entry 24 Apr)
23 Jul 2019 (final entry 25 Jul)
05 Dec 2019 (final entry 06 Nov)
2019 Exam 2019 Fees
FCE £145
CAE £150
CPE £155


I knew CAE would help me later in life when applying for jobs, or just as something extra special in my CV. However, I mostly did it to challenge myself. (Linda)


I wanted to be able to study at a British university and have an advanced, internationally-recognised English certificate that could be used for further study and in my career. Cambridge is known for excellence and is revered in some countries.  (Delphine)

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