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Student Testimonials

"Basil Paterson is a great school to learn and improve your English. There is a wide variety of student nationalities and everybody speaks in English. Edinburgh is a great city for sights, shops, going out, and relaxing!"    


Barbara, The Netherlands

"I spent three months at Basil Paterson. The studying was serious, the teachers were wonderful, and the social program was very useful. I am extremely grateful for the warm welcome you give all the students and the care and attention you show."

Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia

"I like the Basil Paterson environment because the teachers and students are nice and helpful. Edinburgh is a cultural city where you can learn a lot of things."


Igor, Spain

"This is my second stay at Basil Paterson and if I have the opportunity to come a third time I would choose this school again. It's a good mixture of cultures and age groups. Edinburgh is a beautiful city full of historical monuments which you can find on every corner." 

Sandra, Switzerland

"I am lucky to be at Basil Paterson and the teachers are so nice! People are very friendly here."


Jasmine, Taiwan

"Edinburgh is an amazing city with lots of attractions and entertainment. The experience at Basil Paterson is interesting and cheerful, and you can meet a lot of new friends."

Chiara, Italy

"The atmosphere of the school is great and the teachers are really professional. Edinburgh is my favourite city now and is perfect to live in. It's very safe and you can always find things to do."


Angelica, Sweden

"I love the city of Edinburgh and the people who live here are all very friendly. I feel that my studies at Basil Paterson have been of great help to me. I think that the teaching system and the tutors have helped to improve my English greatly."

Goksel, Turkey

"The teachers are very nice and helpful, and most importantly the school has lots of facilities like computers, internet, library etc. I will be very sad to leave Basil Paterson. Edinburgh is a beautiful place with many things to see and do."


Kunal, Mauritius



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