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Basil Paterson Social Programme 
Learning English is not just about studying. Taking part in activities, exploring the beautiful city of Edinburgh, spending lots of time with students from all over the world—these are all crucial to your language development. With this in mind, we have created our activities programme, which offers educational and cultural experiences throughout the Edinburgh area.

Activities occur DAILY during Summer and 3 times per week for the rest of the year.



Typical Activities

  • Scottish Ceilidh Dancing - energetic and great fun, you will be taught all the steps to traditional Scottish dances!

  • Scottish Whisky Tasting - An opportunity to sample Scotland's national drink with a talk from an expert!

  • Ghost Tour of Old Edinburgh - Prepare to be shocked and entertained with haunting tales of the city's past!

  • Friday night is Pub Night - the Great British institution, and the perfect place to meet new people, practice your English, and experience true Scottish culture!

  • Edinburgh Castle - Pay a visit to the Castle and listen out for the 1 o clock gun!

Basil Paterson on Facebook

  • Like the Basil Paterson Facebook page for more updates on the Social Programme as well as photographs of past events!


  • If you would like to travel beyond Edinburgh - perhaps to Loch Ness, the Highlands or Stirling Castle, our Social Programme Coordinator can help you organise your trip!