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CELTA Course Information

Course Outline

Basil Paterson's CELTA course is designed to test all aspects of your teaching, combining 120 hours of contact time with over 80 hours of individual learning. In particular, the course comprises the following core elements:


Instruction... Active participation in task-based workshops, lectures and practical activites focusing on learner awareness, language analysis, phonology, career development and methodology. In other words, how to teach.


Teaching Practice... Trainees teach classes of overseas students and gain genuine experience of the teaching and learning process.  Tutors provide help with lesson preparation, and by the end of the course trainees will have taught at two levels and have completed a total of six hours of teaching (in compliance with Cambridge guidelines).


Observation... When not teaching, trainees usually observe their colleagues, contributing to group feedback with the tutor once the lessons are over. In addition, trainees also observe and learn from experienced teachers for a total of six hours of lessons, a proportion of which is done through video observation.


Assessment... While there is no examination, assessment is continuous and is carried out by the course tutors, with a visit from a Cambridge assessor who ensures that tutors work consistently and in accordance with guidelines. Teaching practice and assignments are assessed. Each trainee will have at least one tutorial during the course and will be given an indication of his or her progress.


Commitment... The CELTA course is very intensive and Cambridge requires that trainees attend every aspect of the course. It is advisable that other commitments are kept to a minimum.  All trainees will be heavily involved in lesson preparation and writing assignments in the evenings and at weekends too.


Professionalism... Trainees must demonstrate a professional attitude and work constructively with others.


Free taster evenings

If you would like to find out more about the CELTA before applying, why not come along to one of our free CELTA taster evenings? These are scheduled for Wednesdays 6-9pm on 12th April, 28th June, 2nd August and 1st November. Just drop us an email to register. 

What Our Students Say

Take a look at some of the fantastic feedback we have received from previous students:                                 




CELTA online resources


    Books on Methodology


    • The Practice of English Language Teaching (3rd ed)

            Harmer, Longman

    • Learning Teaching

            Scrivener, Heinemann

    • How to Teach English

            Harmer, Longman

    • Practical Techniques for Language Teaching 

            Lewis & Hill, LTP

    • Source Book for Teaching English as a Foreign Language

            Lewis & Hill, LTP

    • How to Teach Grammar

            Thornbury, Longman


    Books on Grammar

    If you need help developing your knowledge of English grammar and terminology, why not come to our weekend grammar workshops, scheduled for 15th/16th April and 5th/6th August. Drop us an email to find out more. 

    Recommended books are:


    • Practical English Usage (new ed)

            Swan, OUP, Longman

    • English Grammar

            Alexander, Longman

    • Grammar for English Language Teachers

            Parrott, CUP

    • English Grammar in Use: Intermediate (with key) 

            Murphy, CUP

    • Essential Grammar in Use: Pre-Intermediate (with key) 

            Murphy, CUP

    • Teaching Tenses  

            Aitken, Nelson

    • Longman English Grammar Practice (with key) 

            Alexander, Longman

    • Oxford Practice Grammar (with key)

            Eastwood, OUP